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Dissolving the line between art and gift

I started doing farmers markets and holiday shows for the first time this year, and I’m really enjoying the thrill of it, particularly meeting so many wonderful people. I learned very quickly that people are craving a more artful life – and they get excited by more than just art that hangs on the wall. So in an effort to make my art more accessible to more people, I’ve spent the last several months expanding my line of handmade or hand painted giftable treasures.

I’m finally developing an Etsy page, but that will take some time.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about what is available.

Under $20
Sacred Geometry Key Rings – Heart of Metatron or Seed of Life patterns $15
Zodiac Constellation Magnets – with hand inked metallic stars! $12
Sacred Geometry Puzzle 6″ wood block painted gold with an alignment of nails and a packet of rubber bands to create balanced patterns $20
All Art is Fine poster –  limited edition! Now only $7
Sacred Geometry Magnets -Heart of Metatron, Seed of Life, or Vesica Piscis patterns $7 / $11

Under $50
Zodiac Constellation Prints – 6×8″ in frame with hand inked metallic stars! $45
Paper Pyramid Luminaries – box includes a battery operated votive $30
Mystery Gifts – each gift includes an original mini artwork, a found treasure, a sticker and more! $30
20 Questions – box set of 20 hand inked/painted philosophical questions $30
Mini Artworks –  sacred geometry inspired, hand painted symbols in a 4″ square frame $20 / $30
Sacred Geometry Jewelry -Heart of Metatron, Seed of Life, or Vesica Piscis patterns $27 / $38

Under $100
Curated Journeys for the Creative Mind – each mysterious box includes a curated 6-piece collection of artworks and artifacts that tie together to tell a story $85
Sacred Geometry Jewelry – Hand painted paper pyramids with dangling sparkling beadwork $65


Day 47:
fully functional website!

No small undertaking, this website. And while there is no such thing as “finished,” I finally feel ready enough to call it a website and go public!