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Mystery Gift

Each “Mystery Gift” is a curated collection of miniatures. Once these are wrapped, what’s inside is a secret – even to me! Each gift contains: 1 mini original artwork, signed with my artist’s mark 1 handmade art magnet 1 artsy sticker or temporary tattoo featuring my artwork 1 found treasure/oddity/curiosty plus a hand written note… Continue reading Mystery Gift

Art Gifts · Gifts under $50 · Ink Bleed · Mixed Media · Sacred Geometry Inspired · Symbols

Handmade Magnets

Coordinated pair of “magic coin” magnets: 1.5″ circles, extracted from elaborate mixed media sacred geometry artwork.  $15/pair plus shipping Coordinated pair of “vesica piscis” magnets: 2″ squares, matching pair of hand inked interlocking spheres with expressive wash technique.  $30/pair plus shipping