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The Underground Planetarium

A few months back, a good friend Leigh Medeiros asked me if there were no limits at all, what my creative fantasy would be.  I took some time to think, and then began to imagine a multimedia art installation with sound and imagery that merges scenes from outer space with sacred geometry symbols and visual interpretations of sound waves. At the time it all seems so elaborate and fanciful. It seemed like a wild playful fantasy.

But then I thought…. hmmmm.  What’s stopping me from trying?

I am so privileged to be part of the Hotpoint Emporium artist co-op in Bristol RI, which allowed me to allocate a very unique space in their Underground Gallery to build this creative experiment of mine. I’ve spent months developing my Planetary Hybrid series of metal prints, and for the Planetarium project I went BIG. Shimmering metallic artworks span three walls of a dark cave-like environment, illuminated almost as if by the light of the stars themselves. There is a soundscape of outer space recordings from NASA and even a stool for sitting in contemplation. And visitors to what I like to call the Underground Planetarium can even take piece of it home with them! Artworks are available as small as 4×6″ and as large as 16×24″.  Prices starting at $25.

Is it out of this world?  You’ll have to come see for yourself, but for me it is beyond my wildest dreams!

Hotpoint EmporiumPlanetarium located in the Underground Gallery
39 State Street • Bristol RI
open 7 days


Day One: mini artworks

Day One: mini artworks

Mini Artworks
3” & 4” square mini mixed media works (various combinations of pastel, ink, acrylic and crushed copper powder)

Day One of the “RI Blizzard of Beyond 48!!” First I should tell you I’ve just embarked on a six week daily art practice called Beyond 48– more on that later. Just know I’ll be posting something new every day here with lots of insight about my process.

About today’s work, as I sit trapped inside with a blizzard howling out there, I started a long planned experiment with mixing metallics. Naturally the effects are nearly impossible to photograph, but I don’t mind. I love the idea of creating work that can only be fully experienced in person. Anyway, I’ve got this little jar of crushed copper which I incorporated into two of these, one with a dry brush over texture, the other using water to distribute it by floating. I’m also playing with different techniques using a new silver ink I recently discovered.

I particularly love the black one in the middle. I etched markings into the pastel using a sculpting tool before putting a finish gloss on it and the subtle difference in finish is very beguiling to me. The background of the richer salmon colored one was a happy surprise that came from mixing red and silver ink together which created an overall satin look and feel.

So far a great snow day for me. ? I’m in no danger of getting bored now that the Beyond 48 has begun.