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Day 14: So. Much. Work. Always. In Progress.

So. Much. Work. Always. In Progress.
Designing for Interwebs

I proudly built an entire website for myself a few months back, only to get derailed when I realized the format I was using was incompatible with online sales. Ugh. I had a very long “I hate e-commerce” temper tantrum until I finally had some energy to start over with the re-design and building a new site today. It’s not even close to finished, but the functionality is finally becoming clearer.

Not my favorite kind of creativity, I’ll tell you that. But I’ve got big plans for my new full time working artist job. And somewhere between now and where I’m going, somebody was going to have to build a functional website to showcase and sell my creepy awesome alien geometry glyphic spooky art to kindred weirdos like me who happen to live outside of RI.

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Day Nine: card backs

card backs
(graphic design)

Turns out I also do graphic design, and I’ve been procrastinating for a while on this deck of cards project for my ceramic artist sister, Ellen Blomgren. She designed a really cool deck of cards using photographs of her sculptures (including sculpting animal characters to represent the jokers, kings, queens, etc.) So for my tiniest little contribution to what is really her effort, I created the card back by making a pattern out of elements pulled from the sculptures featured in the cards.

All elements from the card back design came from a photograph of a juggling pug. I’ll update this post at a later time once the cards are in production letting you know how you can get a set!

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Day Six: vision board

Vision Board
digital rendering

Work on the Planetary Hybrid series is requiring some research and skill development on my part. While I learn the tech I need to know for ultra high resolution photography, I don’t want to take my eyes off the prize, so I’ve got a few possibilities and image experiments cooking at all times. Today’s detail is a snippet extracted from a work which pairs my original art with an image of the interior structure of a spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to the Space Station.

? I do have grand plans for this series, so the “top secret” approach I’ve been taking has both good reason and creative merit.

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Day Five: beetle doodle doo

Beetle Doodle Doo
4” square, pen and ink

Not feeling it today, as they say; so I used my creative devotion time for practicing patience, focus and attention to detail, and a really cool thing happened.

What began as one of my symbols (in pale blue pearlescent ink) quickly started to feel lifelike as I “put meat on its bones” with each additional outline. Before long I saw eyes, wings, antennae… so who knows what secret lives my other skeletons might reveal.

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Day Four: super moon

Super Moon 
8.5×12” mixed media

I think she’s done. Really, really enjoyed this one. And I’m very happy with the results too. From pastel blends to penning to brushes and washes, this one’s got it all. And color too!

New trick: I have a “bad habit” of working on wet paper and it dries as I’m working so it often warps and buckles. When this one was done and set with a fixative spray, I gently wiped the back of the paper with a damp paper towel. Then I placed it underneath some encyclopedias (proving they are still good for something!) and let it dry pressed. Boom! Smooth like new.

This one will probably be made available as prints. Stay tuned.

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