Author: Jen

Day 23: Sparrow

Meet Sparrow
6×6″ mixed media

Just released for adoption and waiting to meet you at the Hotpoint Emporium, Sparrow is a bit on the edgy side and looking for a home where flair and confidence is appreciated more than a charming personality. And please remember there are more siblings awaiting adoption, but the folks at Hotpoint have told us they can only care for one at a time. As with Josie, Sparrow needs a forever home before the others can be released!

Adoption fee $42. — with Hotpoint Emporium.

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Day 22: more vision boarding

more vision boarding
Digital imaging

Got lost in outer space while staring at images of nebulae. ?? Whole honing in on concept art for my Planetary Hybrid series, I’m surprised to watch each one go in a completely different direction. It took me a while to figure out that the different works in this “series” will not necessarily all have the same kind of look and feel. Now that I’m getting more comfortable with that, I’ve got to decide which one to follow through into production first!

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Day 21: “busy work”

busy work
3×3” preliminary sketches

There are so many things to like about having decided to make art my full time job. I worked in the actual public at the gallery today, sold a few of my magnets, got a stuttering compliment on my gorgeous eyes, was told my work belongs in a fine art gallery, and I filled my spare time doodling out sketches for my next batch of “minis.” Honestly, in heaven.

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Day 20: “Lipstick Alien”

Lipstick Alien [sold]
6×6” mixed media

All I have to say is that I can’t believe I didn’t make one of these sooner.

I named her Josie and put her up for adoption at the Hotpoint Emporium. There are siblings too, but the folks at Hotpoint can only look after one of these critters at a time so Josie needs to find her forever home before you‘ll get a chance to meet the others. $42 adoption fee.

Update: ADOPTED!!

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Alien Adoption, Volume I

status: ADOPTED on 1-24-18

Hey guys, meet Josie. She’s the first alien I introduced and she’s kind of a badass. She got adopted within 24 hours.

Every alien adopted is a 6×6″ original mixed media artwork.

In 2018, a band of undocumented aliens was discovered hiding in the higher dimensions in the vicinity of Warren, RI.  Whether they came here intentionally or were stranded here is still unknown, but they sent a signal expressing a desire to reside in earth homes. I trust their intentions are pure so have accepted their mission. The Hotpoint Emporium in Bristol RI has agreed to assist in this effort, but the risks of harboring multidimensional beings is still unknown, so they are only able to care for one at a time.

For security purposes, all intergalactic adoptions must take place face-to-face in Bristol RI.

Day 18: nothing in particular

nothing in particular
“proof I spent more than 25 minutes on art today”

Consider this my “no makeup selfie.” This is what it ends up looking like when I try to draw a perfect pentagon without the perfect supplies. I did enjoy myself wildly and I made a pretty cool looking “mini” out of my misadventures.

I want to make perfect pentagons because I have a badass plan to build a mixed media dodecahedron. Today’s results were exceptionally educational, even if my hilariously complicated pentagon strategy ended up half the size I was aiming for. The good news is, what I learned through this experiment gave me an even better idea for how to go about actually building the dodecahedron. I kinda can’t wait!

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Day 17: cave dweller

Cave Dweller
11×14 mixed media

I used vibrant colors and 4 different inks in this one, something I rarely do. I very much like it. It reminds me of a secret inner place I go in meditation. If I happened upon this while caving in “real life,” boy would I be mesmerized and terrified. I’d worry it would consume me. And then I would beg it to do exactly that. I would sacrifice sunlight forever and never leave that cave.

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