About What I Do

As a self-educated artist, I did not learn all my techniques in one place and time. Much of my work is experimental, combining what I have learned throughout the years in workshops and classes; or through tutelage and plain old trial and error on my part.  When it’s time to reach beyond what I know, I seek a new teacher. Often they find me. I immerse myself in experimenting until I have the tools and insight I need to head onward. I am an expert only in my own art techniques, which do not fit neatly into any particular category.

I often refer to myself as a multidimensional artist because my work mixes mediums both physically and conceptually. I treat my art as a form of spiritual channeling, digging deep to find the hidden threads connecting all things. Multi-sensory explorations of line, form, language, space, and time; flowing, overlapping, bleeding and blending, defying boundaries and often description.  Much of my work begins with a single sphere, and steps off from there. Recognizable patterns of sacred geometry soon become something mysteriously familiar, yet completely unknown.  I allow myself to be drawn in by the unseen energies surrounding all of us and I try to speak for them. My artwork, in a sense, is a visual translation of untellable stories.

May my work inspire a curiosity in others to reach beyond what is knowable.

– Jen