Day 29: tbd

5×7” pastel with ink

So I have been thinking/feeling about the way color plays a role in the energy of my works. I decided to take a ‘design’ I made the other day and put it into a completely different environment. The amber toned pastel texture with black ink is kind of my signature, so I figured- try it!

It’s very interesting to me that the feeling this evokes is absolutely and completely different from the one I made the other day with black and bright red ink on white paper. Of course there are a lot of other differences between the two, but anyway… great information gained and a nice finished work.

Secondary to all that is my new bottle of India ink which I am madly in love with. Just luscious as-is, a little goes a long way, and with the tiniest mist of acrylic gloss … OMG the tactile dimension and the shine. I just love it.

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