Alien Adoption, Volume I

status: ADOPTED on 1-24-18

Hey guys, meet Josie. She’s the first alien I introduced and she’s kind of a badass. She got adopted within 24 hours.

Every alien adopted is a 6×6″ original mixed media artwork.

In 2018, a band of undocumented aliens was discovered hiding in the higher dimensions in the vicinity of Warren, RI.  Whether they came here intentionally or were stranded here is still unknown, but they sent a signal expressing a desire to reside in earth homes. I trust their intentions are pure so have accepted their mission. The Hotpoint Emporium in Bristol RI has agreed to assist in this effort, but the risks of harboring multidimensional beings is still unknown, so they are only able to care for one at a time.

For security purposes, all intergalactic adoptions must take place face-to-face in Bristol RI.

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