Day 14: So. Much. Work. Always. In Progress.

So. Much. Work. Always. In Progress.
Designing for Interwebs

I proudly built an entire website for myself a few months back, only to get derailed when I realized the format I was using was incompatible with online sales. Ugh. I had a very long “I hate e-commerce” temper tantrum until I finally had some energy to start over with the re-design and building a new site today. It’s not even close to finished, but the functionality is finally becoming clearer.

Not my favorite kind of creativity, I’ll tell you that. But I’ve got big plans for my new full time working artist job. And somewhere between now and where I’m going, somebody was going to have to build a functional website to showcase and sell my creepy awesome alien geometry glyphic spooky art to kindred weirdos like me who happen to live outside of RI.

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