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Alien Schematics – special limited edition

Alien Schematics – Dark Side of the Moon edition – purchase options below
When I first came across the oldest surviving daguerrotype of the moon, said to be taken by John William Draper in 1840, I wanted to make art out of it immediately. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different ways to alter or replicate the image, but everything I tried only seemed to take away from its impact.

I was ready to give up entirely when “Alien Schematics,” the most sought-after artwork I made in 2017 popped into my head. Many people had suggested it could be a representation of the dark side of the moon, so it seemed only natural to look at the two side by side and hope for inspiration. And then as if by magic, the moon itself crawled inside my artwork and made a home there.

I’m very excited to have created something this special – particularly because it makes this treasured artwork available to more people.


  1. These are expected to arrive on or before December 5 and the total number of prints has been limited to 50:
    10 full size (11×14″) wall-mounting metal prints, signed and numbered on the back – $175 plus shipping
    40 smaller (8×10″) giclée prints, signed and numbered in a white margin – $70 plus shipping
  2.  For local folks, these will be available the first week in December for direct purchase at the Hotpoint Emporium in Bristol RI or through contacting me.
  3. For far away friends, you can order and have yours shipped directly to you using the links below.  Note: Signed metal prints may require up to 10 days transit time.

 $175 – 11×14″ wall-mounting metal print

 $70 – 8×10″ giclée print

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